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OCTOBER 18th, 2016

What am I : an Image of the Infinite Expansion

ENGLISH VERSION , edit 2017, January 1st.

Georges OHSAWA 1893-1966 – was a Philosopher and a Doctor therapist (1893-1966) who lived as East and West throughout his life.
Creator-Founder of the Macrobiotic(s) and the new interpretation of ancient eastern philosophies and medicines that he named PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE OF THE FAR EAST.
He propagated and transmitted the Macrobiotic(s) and the Philosophy of the UNIQUE PRINCIPLE all around the world: Japan, France (Europe), India, USA, Vietnam, Africa, Russia, …
The Macrobiotic method is an application that he mainly spread while it is only a system or base for the development of the Infinite Consciousness. What many ignore.
For example, he also propagated the acupuncture in the western world with Soulié de Morant.
He left it to the following researchers to uncover other applications of philosophy of the Unique Principle. Even for a Master, time is a irremediable "god" in this fictitious world and correlative.

Since October, when so many events are preparing in this tormented, sensitive and vulnerable world to close 2016 and pace 2017, the sun is exceptionally bright (YANG).
Several evenings, at dusk, we even saw a red sun, violet purple (YIN), round as a perfect ripe plum or as an iris with a sophisticated and eminent look. A look that revealed all forms of colorful energies in our universe.

Sometimes clouds stratus came to touch it and even to hide it but nothing did, the emanations of the god Ray of Akhenaton, dissipated these YIN fumes to spread the golden shine of our sphere. Even large cumulus clouds and depressive rains could not undo the effluvia of light from this halo, both occult and seraphic.
The air was light, sparkling, and even vernal, in a climate naturally conducive to deep meditation on the origin of the nature of the mind.

An annular eclipse in September came to intervene and cause a "cosmic window" as in any sensible eclipse from the Earth. But the first true moon that inscribed this autumn equinox in 2016 began its cycle of brilliance before its apogee towards this middle of October. She already showed her first affective and life-giving turbulence on the "vibrating" beings inhabiting her big sister Earth, in the field of her intention. All the stars are endowed with Intention - different from the expression of Men - but these for thousands of years have regressively lost this supernatural capture to the discovery of their own "lunar halo".

Autumn is struggling to settle and it would be assumed that summer would ally in the spring to curb its ardor. I see my young cherry tree, which colors its leaves yellow, but without wanting to yield too much to their fall and maintain its spring fervor. It is entirely natural without chemistry and without excitement. Progressively, a prowess of longevity emerges and reveals the work done during its first planting ... but still too cramped in its pot.

Looking up at the sky, on a "clear night", we can see the great square of Pegasus formed by these four stars in the Arabic name (Would there be oriental scholars before those of west? Let's give them quickly Latin or Greek names !  ...). The vision of these marvelous stars of this month of October, Mercury, March and Saturn, which appear in superimposition at the Milky Way, constantly brings me back to the principle of ephemeris.

Are the stars, therefore the cosmic entities formed for billions of years and their energetic links, able to describe or trace our destinies? Influence and imprint the future life of each one of us and even that of the parts of the world we inhabit?
By what mechanisms, by what potential?
Would we have invisible bonds with the worlds around us, with these stars so distant, these remnant energies in their infinity?
Is it really possible for the one who possesses this secret knowledge to decipher their immemorial messages?

Georges OHSAWA was one of those remarkable Masters for whom this knowledge came into a natural foundation which he called the UNIQUE PRINCIPLE and the tool to access was the YIN-YANG Compass. But it was necessary to practice Philosophy and Science of the Far East (understand the primitive world first born in the Orient sun) to Seize this Millennial and Universal Principle.

He founded a unique method in its modernity and very efficient in its application which he called the "Macrobiotic".
It is not a simple longevity diet or food hygiene to obtain a welfair even if it can be applied as a palliative or a symptomatic medication.
Recovering health - freeing oneself from any disease - with the macrobiotic method is simple, effective and methodical.

Everything is linked: "Specific Body Education Technique", "E-O Philosophy" to increase one's mental and psychic abilities and "Unique Principle" to achieve "Infinite Freedom and Absolute Justice". Nothing else ! But synergy is not only indispensable it is also vital. It is the key to this ancient and modern Philosophy, which brings together in it all the philosophies and sciences invented by all terrestrial or exo-terrestrial entities since the creation of all forms of universe.
I say to the one who can hear it ... do it yourself.

Georges OHSAWA was born on 18 October 1893, 123 years ago. While he was born in Japan to complete his project, he always considered himself a citizen of the World without frontiers and without ethnic or cultural demarcation. What many have not or never understood.

He is one of the few philosophers in the East and the West to have fully reconstituted and enlighten the Seven Dimensions of CONSCIENCE. From Primary Consciousness to Supreme Consciousness.
A luminous scale of the states of Consciousness that every "living soul" seeks every moment of its existence.
But among these rare Masters, he is probably the only one (in the light of my experience) to have requalified and exposed, without defect, without derivation, without malfunction, without sophisms, and clearly, the METHOD, "To this Supreme Philosophy.

A method that offers - as it is a gift - the YIN-YANG Compass's efficient and scalable operating manual.
This practical, magnetic and universal Compass (because anyone on this Earth can easily use it whatever its culture or its origin), which makes it possible to manufacture to its measure the "Magic glasses" and "A flying carpet".

And he is still the only one who has made fully and consciously accessible to every human being this secret of the Knowledge of the Unique Principle endowed with this magical Compass; Regardless of the karmatic state of any person, his or her intrinsic capacity from birth, school education, disability or ability to understand.

So if you read these lines for the first time, or if the method of the Macrobiotic Principle is not unknown to you, or you did not want or you were not able to practice it, do not miss this opportunity to study it again in practice or re-practicing it again by rereading Georges OHSAWA's books in parallel to reading this Blog.
Browse this Blog several times because nothing is necessarily clear from the first reading; And I know something, I was probably less talented than you when I first met this methodical philosophy to which I did not understand much.
At the very least, re-read this Blog of so many and whose objective is to position itself from different angles of analysis or perception in order to accentuate your conscience or judgment in the one that would suit you best and seize the remarkable profit that It can bring you.

Prayer and Fasting

In this world of "the strongest" ruled by explosive, chemical, political or financial weapons, one wonders with caution where this madness of the hominids will stop. A psychopathology of life for these women and men who no longer descend from the monkey but from the worst kind of diabolical register.
But the real question would be: whence comes this madness of the "stronger that kills" the other, the like, the animal, the vegetables, the resources of the planet, LIFE ...?
Almost 80 wars bruise our planet today ...
Some of them have existed since the 20th century or even the 19th century, and have not completely disappeared (International, national, regional, ethnic, community, religious, territorial ...). They regularly cause deaths, often civilians, women, children, ...
About 300 wars have been calculated since the 19th century!

The East versus the West
Whence comes this frenzy, this drive of destruction, murderous as ever.
What is the definition of the "stronger" in the ancient East compared to the West?
G. OHSAWA in "JACK and Madame Mitie in the OCCIDENT" teaches us that: "The strongest of the primitives is the one who observes the constitution of the Universe or of Life according to the philosophy of the Far East ("formers” Ed.). But the strongest of the "civilized" is the strongest in this relative, finite, ephemeral world. ".

This antagonism is at the origin of a civilization of peace or war, and he adds: "This is the key to infinite Liberty and eternal peace, which has escaped the sight of these great criminals called John Locke or Locke "(see pp. 114 et seq.).

It seems that the unlimited "devouring" of animal flesh in all its forms is one of the causes - the main one will say - of this "illiteracy" of Life.

The "devoured meat" kills, in its turn and for sure, the one who killed the living being to consume it.
How spoliation, violence, murder, are born and endure in the man eater of animals, "red blood products" ...?
To carnivores and other animal-derived eaters (even insects or animal by-products) it may seem completely absurd that this consumption act produces by medium- or long-term reaction, killings or carnage between men.
Even those wearing, silk shirt, suit and tie!

But it is an undeniable fact when one compares other cultures or other peaceful vegetarian civilizations (which are neither silly nor rough, and have a soul!). In our history for millions of years, the Greek one, Roman, English, Spanish, French crusades, "Nazi" Germans, and recently Eastern peoples (now carnivorous), there is a terrible relationship between the carnivorous diet and the development of Corruption associated with murders, premeditated or impulsive.
These carnivorous people, who have become sanguinary, force their fellows to organize themselves for a mass massacre, called War!

Eating animal products?

The excuses advanced by the "scientists" who argue:
That man is omnivorous;
That the prehistoric Man would have survived in a hostile nature and would have become intelligent by the consumption of meat;
That animal protein would be a necessity for the growth of the "little man" and the social evolution of hominids;
That meat is a feast of pleasure and festive;
That meat guarantees a "good health".
Some "dietitians" (swollen or cretins) advise to "cut" the fastings by a "Good organic steack";
That meat provides iron and vitamins;
That it is the "bad meat" of animals fed and fed too fat that would cause cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and murderous cancers;
That organic meat is healthy and therefore without consequences if one eats twice a week (?!);
Etc ...

The food pyramid « made in Kushi »

It is all the more distressing to see this obsession with meat even invading a current of the American Macrobiotic. Fortunately, it is only a current, but it claims to hold the inheritance of the founder of the Macrobiotic Method, that of the Professor Georges OHSAWA.
The leader of this current is M. Kushi. He is even claimed as co-founder (?!) in many Anglo-Saxon writings and this is peddled in Europe ...

The first time I discovered the food pyramid "Made in M. Kushi", I thought at first glance it was a mistake or a bad edition due to a typographical or schematic transmission error. But no ! M. Kushi really introduces meat (!) into his personal food pyramid ! - and even dairy (!) products - which are displayed at an appreciable level in the ingestion scale !
Indeed you can even eat dairy products in preference to eggs or poultry ...
What no longer corresponds to anything in a natural order of human evolution.
Whether human being must nourish himself according to the YANG condition of man for his human evolution and in relation to an Order of his species (see the nutrition scale of living beings at the end of this text).

We have here in France written on the hand of Georges OHSAWA, including "The Zen Macrobiotique", "The Atomic Era", "The philosophy of Far East medicine", "Acupuncture and Far East medicine", which strongly advise against these animal consumptions in the macrobiotic method. And these writings definitely exclude the sub-animals!

Even if in the diagram (Cartography) of the book's menus of the "Zen macrobiotique", the word "Viandes" (in French) is inscribed, it is not inclusive in a pyramid as part of a whole that would form a general equilibrium. This word
"Viandes" (in French) is actually the simplified term of "Animal products"; thus taking into account all the types of animals that could be consumed in specific situations. Moreover, it is never meats as it is nowadays: red or white meat and poultry.

It means that animal products incorporated in man are an element that engages a complexity in the constitutional food balance. Putting "meat" in one's dish is introducing an extreme foreign fraction into the homeostasis of the human body.

Cartography (Pyramid) of 10 menus or 10 food styles according to Georges OHSAWA's ZEN MACROBIOTIQUE.
The term "Animal Products" refers preferably to fish and eggs.
Salads correspond to raw vegetables or others raw.
Beverage volumes are advised at a minimum : these are according to the true thirst.

In short, in the "Kushi's Pyramid" you can eat Meat and Dairies every day with other foods in a "balance" that would leave the eater a huge field of mistakes and disorders.
He would then have to balance this pyramidal accumulation with "Beans", "Pickles" and "Nuts" ?
And what about the difference between "Seeds" and "Cereals" ?
Why would the seeds be of a different level or less than cereals ?
Even an experienced eater could not restore a decent and lasting balance with all these hierarchical elements in this "sensational pyramid". He would fall into rags or sick in the medium term ...

Everything is not "YIN and YANG" gobbled in a single bag that should be balanced or adjusted no matter what food or type of food!
Comparisons and YIN-YANG ratios are made under conditions of difference, ie: of GENDER, of SPECIES and of BRANCHING (subdivisions) !

It is absurd to say or classify on the same line: salt, cheese, meat, whole rice, burdock, egg, ... as YANG.
It is equally aberrant to line up: milk, tomato, heroin, coffee, Coca-Cola, oyster, cream, sugar, honey, as YIN.

In the Kushi pyramid, how would the pickles have more nutritional value than seeds, nuts or legumes ?
It is advisable in the pyramid scheme to eat dairy products rather than eggs. This is completely in contradiction with the very basis of the Macrobiotic Principle.

On the nutritional level, any specialist knows perfectly well that the egg has a biological food value superior to all forms of dairy products.

And according to the YIN-YANG Compass, if the egg is YANG and can be a positive addition in some cases, dairy products are extremely YIN.
They carry with them pesticides (YIN) and hormone-lipid substances (YIN) (especially for women). These dairy products (even "healthy") modify the epithelial and especially genital tissues, the nerve cells and the brain, in a regression towards a primary functionality and animal instinct. Without omitting the pathological incidents on the body, by cheeses, milks and butters, whether they are "organic" or trafficked.

This pyramid also proposes that it is better to eat "natural sweets" than seasonal fruits ?!
But all macrobiotics and vegetarian eaters know that it is better to consume fresh fruits than to replace them with direct sugars, natural or not !
Because these "natural sweets" consumed repeatedly cause deep inflammations in the tissues.

There is an extremely important difference between this "milk dietetic pyramid" and the OHSAWA diagram of the 10 Zen Macrobiotic food menu.
In the case of the pyramid proposed by M. Kushi, it is a general equilibrium that includes or justifies the ingestion of meat and milk !

The message is to eat meat or dairy because they "could" balance with everything else ... This model does not seem to have succeeded to him either in personal life nor in spirit.
While the term "Meat" in the Macrobiotic Zen diagram should be understood as belonging to the family of marine animal products.

Confirmation is made in the following chapters when it comes to preparatory recipes in which no red or white meat, no pork or no poultry meat is suggested! (See the “Zen Macrobiotique”, chapter 9, p. 119, Ed Vrin 1963 and 1972).

Here is what Georges OHSAWA writes directly in his ZEN text :
"Any food derived from an animal is not recommended by Buddhism, but especially by Zen which represents an evolved type of it... Macrobiotics is not a sentimental vegetarianism, and, if it avoids all hemoglobin products, it is for reasons of hygiene and to develop to the maximum your cerebral faculties. The meat is ideal for animals : their glands are secreting hormones that are good for them, which are not used to thinking and which act by instinct ... And that is why those who eat animal products are exploited and even killed by the others, and sometimes by themselves.".

In terms of psychic life and of mental development capabilities, Georges Ohsawa provides ontological explanations of freedom and reservations in survival contexts, and teaches us:
"All those who consume products containing hemoglobin depend (necessarily ...) on animals, which have inferior and simpler faculties of judgment than our own, called conditioned reflexes.".
As for Gandhi, the liberator of India, the spiritual man, who says:
"If Gandhi had not given up any animal food during his stay in England, he would have become a cruel revolutionary”.

Dairies ?
The worst mistake is dairy ! Never in the Macrobiotic Principle dairy products or their derivatives are mentioned, they are never alleged, listed. They do not appear anywhere !

Let us return briefly to the why ?
They are exclusively industrial products, factious, which do not serve in any way the nutrition of Human being. They are a "geek"!
These BMYC - butter, milk, yogurt, cheese - were supplements or auxiliary foods in case of scarcity.
If in history, traditional food cultures used them, it was only for a survival matter. In order to ensure during a period of famine, compensation or food supplement during a long crossing or a life time in a desert or drastic region.
These men did not exploit their animals as present-day industries or farm operators who call themselves "farmers" do.

Drawing milk from an animal female destined for its infant, selling or exploiting it is a manifest theft or a spoliation of the vital predestination of the animal. It is to break the Order of the Universe repeatedly. Hence human biology and distortions in brain and mental development. The consequences are now known.

Among the consequences we find in the afterwards effects of this consumption of dairy products, on the one hand in terms of physiopathology : exacerbated inflammatory reactions ; defective and premature bone structures ; cysts and cancers ; breast and uterine cancer ; disturbances of the hormonal cycle in women; dystrophic tissue ; hyperplasia ; leucopenia ; autoimmune diseases ; ...
On the other hand, psychically and neuropsychically speaking : neurodegenerative diseases ; neurasthenia ; psychasthenia ; melancholy ; hypochondria ; depressions ; "mental regression" ; ....

Moreover, in the tradition, these BMYCs were almost all fermented or cooked with plants in order to avoid some biochemical and neuro-endocrinological (hormonal) effects coming from the original cells of these food products.

These cheeses, butter, dairy products, creams, yogurts, milk fat, extracts are all structured to provide specific growth and nutrition for newborns of animals with a life span of 10 to 40, years and biological and "psychic" (behavioral) functions specific to their species.

Animals whose existence and central development depends essentially on instinct and not cognitive and spiritual intelligence (complex or elaborate reflection in healthy Man). Their states of consciousness being centered on : the search for food ; instinctive reproduction ; the systematic reflex of survival ; physical combat ; hunting games and escape.
Even if emotion exists in animals, it remains primary. It is based on an extension of the behavior and compromises of primordial, rudimentary and functional nature.

Also, these men of the ancient traditions (nomads for the most part) consumed these by-products often mixed with cereals. For above all, they were cereals eaters : the basis of their nutrition.
And often, they salted, their butter, cheese or milk products to avoid certain "side effects". They thus constructed a form of immune or detoxifying barrier for the organism's assimilation of proteins, hormones and phosphatic lipids, which animal females specifically produced in their milk for their infants.
The Woman and the Man do not take advantage to consume dairies except a psychological compensation and in a short term regression phantasy in the fetal state.

A platonic and complex pyramid

This "fabulous" pyramid exhibited by M. Kushi does not belong to the Macrobiotic Principle !
And still less to his Philosophical Principle.
This spectacular pyramid is a form of food program that flatters western medicine, the superstitious diet of animal proteins and an unreasonable ambition inherited from the bad model of winning using all the moves. Every ambition is human but flattering the "devil" becomes dangerous ...

This "lacquered pyramid" is only a standard form drawn from the personal interpretation of an author probably frustrated by his emblematic professor who had already discovered everything and explained it before him.
It would have been judicious and spiritual in this case to develop and take up the Unique Principle and the method but without distorting them, without counterfeiting them, without disguising them.

When I read the old and recent books and magazines of M. Kushi, I see nothing that signs the Unique Principle or the Essential Philosophy of the development of JUDGMENT, and hardly a few elements on an esoteric and personal theory. While he has propagated - but not developed - a dietetic with a very intensified “macrobiotical”color in its sayings and demonstrations. It is undoubtedly a practical dietetic and he has undoubtedly spread the basic hygiene of the Macrobiotic in the United States of North America.

This food pyramid is a proposal among other dietary food pyramids but it is certainly not within the sphere of the Macrobiotic Principle. It does not correspond to the fundamental objective, that is to say to the essential destiny of being. This destiny is to obtain true mental health; infinite Liberty, happiness. To acquire the development of one's Integral Consciousness.
The profound health that goes with the mental development and the full development of the JUDGMENT.

Or should we believe that North America's women and men have not yet attained the full capacity to understand or undertake the development of their Consciousness, the development of their judgment ?

This remark might surprise the North American reader but for a European who has acquired a sufficient culture and knowledge of the spiritual life, it is the impression that emerges from the contents of seminars, such as : "Macrobiotics Lessons", "Wellfair lessons" or "Lifestyle". These are the sensational or troubling precepts given in his institutes which bear his sole name.

But I think our North American friends are as capable as anyone in this world to deeply understand the philosophy of the Unique Principle.
So it is useless to give them an attenuated or simplified summary of this philosophy at once ancient, subtle and just as modern.

So let's talk about Philosophy of the Unique Principle, of Macrobiotic Principle, of the psychic and spiritual method to achieve it. And let's stop the emphatic "demos" and the "vernissages" on metaphysical, huge worlds, mirific approaches, in which everything is done without effort and without internal conviction.

We shall not go further in the obvious demonstration of the intrinsic imbalance that this pyramid would cause in macrobiotic eaters, and even different vegetarians more demanding or other pretenders to true health.

Why to want to erase his master, his benefactor ?

What do we read on the USA "Kushi center" site ?
Why telling that the pupil would have created the concept of "Macrobiotics" with its master ?
And add that he would have reconstructed "Macrobiotics" after the death of his benefactor and professor?
What he would have modernized "Macrobiotics"?
You can see right through it as it becomes ridiculous and unfortunate.

A important point of importance for our American friends, when M. Kushi meets Georges OHSAWA in the years 1947-48 it seems, he was then only 20 years old and OHSAWA more than 50 years with a societal experience, a knowledge of the existence of the World to the East and the West, a high degree of Consciousness as rarely Men had known.

M. Kushi was a young university student in politics and law when he became a pupil of his master, Georges OHSAWA. And for years, a superlative storytelling has been built on him. In which Georges Ohsawa would only be a kind of “misanthrope educator” or a "globetrotter" with which he would have had exchanges of equals ...?! And "The neophyte student" would have given him information and ideas ... Really?

That's what he says on its website, "Kushi Institute, about the founders": "Before coming to America, M. Kushi met Georges Ohsawa (Yukikazu Sakurazawa), a prolific Japanese writer, health educator (?), and world traveller (?). Kushi's interests and Ohsawa's teachings complemented each other (?) so much that they newly formed friendship and collaboration (?) which lasted until Mr. Ohsawa's death in 1966. In the late 1950s they (?) began to apply the term Macrobiotic (?), the traditional term for health and longevity to their teachings.".
And he tells : "With his wife Aveline (1923-2001), M. Kushi built (?) and developed (?) the teachings of Mr. Ohsawa and those of the long line of dietary philosophers and health reformers around the world.".

I will not comment or correct these allegations. It is simply, unreal, fallacious and mystifying. You can see right through it.

What should we understand ? Was it really him who encouraged this propaganda or his students eager for fame ?
In a "mad" story, one wants to make us believe that he would be the co-founder of Macrobiotics. And a little further, that M

. Kushi would have introduced the "Modern macrobiotics" in North America, that is to say the modern macrobiotic (!?). So before there would have been an "obsolete", "antiquated" out of phase of contemporary life macrobiotic (!?). So it would be him who would have developed this old and tacky method to have done what it is today ... I am amazed !

When going on his US website, we learn of such bigoteries ...
But it is clear that the techniques, methods, tools and concepts displayed and perfectly copied are those which already existed in the 1930s, 1945s, 1950s, 1960s, invented, synthesized and clearly defined, in an extremely modern way by the Professor Georges OHSAWA in his books!

M. Kushi was barely born (1926) when the concept of MACROBIOTIQUE was disclosed in 1931 by Georges OHSAWA in a book that translated Eastern philosophy and macrobiotics from the data of modern physics, contemporary chemistry and the latest medical novelties, biological and biochemical (see "The Unique Principle of Philosophy and Far East Science", VRIN, 1931).

Georges OHSAWA goes further, in 1965-1966, in "Cancer and the Far East Philosophy" and "The Atomic Era", he exposes, analyzes and synthesizes the latest astrophysical, physiological, biological and medical theories, in their relations to Philosophy, to the Science of Yin-Yang, and to the Macrobiotic Method.

Scientific theories and discoveries still up to date in 2016 because nothing has really progressed in science as in medicine since this intellectual apogee of the second part of the 20th century. Except for extrapolations or technological or techno-scientist projections whose poor results on human epidemiology and the sanitary condition of today's society are known.

Georges OHSAWA, seeing that his pupil - with his companion (Wife) - was not making any progress in his prospecting, decided to come to the USA to organize and conduct himself several tours of multiple lectures in New York, Los Angeles, and Other important cities.
He decided to animate internships or holiday camps, to create restaurants, etc. (see "Letters from Georges OHSAWA, edited by the Center"Unique Principle"). In reality, he dug deep foundations and made a profound "Gardening", a remarkable development, to prepare the ground for his apprentice. It is indeed Georges OHSAWA who really introduced the Macrobiotic(s) called "Modern" in the USA.

Naive and unbridled distortions

I also find that this combined pyramid is not the only deformation.
The 12 theorems and 7 philosophical principles have also been distorted. And I will develope that in a next article.

In this "complex pyramid", everything is offline of the Macrobiotic Method and of the YIN-YANG Unique Principle while they are the basis to cover and ensure in their authenticity, to reach the 7 Conditions of Health and realize the 7 Dimensions of Consciousness - JUDGMENT.

These seven conditions of health are extremely important for the future of the macrobiotic "eater", of Life in the evolution of the Woman and of the Human Man.
I precisely say that this imitated pyramid does not guarantee the development of the Mental, of the evolutionary function of the JUDGMENT of Man to its culmination.

Let the inhabitants of the dynamic and relevant America come to read the many French books written by Georges OHSAWA before Philosophy and Macrobiotics are known in the United States of North America.

Those of the Americans, who do not know the history of the teachings of Georges OHSAWA in France, who do not read French and therefore the many books and conference materials he wrote, the History of the Foundation of the Unique Principle Completed in France, should know that nothing yet existed in the USA.
That's why these sincere and enthusiastic North Americans can be easily mythologized!

I suggest to our friends, readers of the world and especially North America, to read carefully (or to be translated) and to understand the description of the ten menus or nutritional choices of the "macrobiotic Zen" (Ed. VRIN, 1963) Which is our authentic Macrobiotic Food Pyramid.

This diagram is simple to understand and to assimilate. But after a time of practice it is necessary to go a little deeper into its the gradual layout and experience this True Multidimensional and dynamic Macrobiotic Pyramid presented in the form of a simple double entry table.

At first, every reader consults it in the first degree because this progressive table is meant to be simple, universal and very pragmatic. We prepare our menu according to the percentages of 7 food categories : "Cereals"; "Leguminous-vegetables"; "Soups"; "Animal products" (noted Meat); "Salads"; "Desserts"; "Beverage".

A first important frontier is set from the category "Animal products" (noted Meat).
Then the food combinations become complex for beginners, gourmands and gastronomes.
The beverage is to be taken only in case of real thirst.

But the "researcher-practitioner" can go further, to explore the multiple dimensions that this table invokes. It is a dialectical representation that involves TYPES of foods or food families, with BRANCHINGS (subdivisions) in a relationship to biological metabolisms up to infinite possibilities.

The relationships then become not just nutritional combinations but nutritional exercises (experiments) with the intention of causing physiological or psychic metabolisms with a goal.
By comparison, it can be seen that the "Kuchi's pyramid" is simply a transverse copy based on "seeds", "pickles", "beans", "milks" and "hazelnuts", valid for A cure of hygiene or to get in shape

After this overview on these unfortunate diversions, let us return to the consumption of the meat and to the fact that the man would be omnivore and an excellent carnivore to strengthen his " good health " and his "brain".
All these arguments are only negative legends, fraudulent, jokes, or fantasies conveyed by fraudulent industries or at worst by the beliefs of techno-scientists, "servants" of spoiling organizations.

Yes technoscience - contemporary "science", that of today! - is a belief, a "new religion of the alleged reason", which tries to supplant the other religions fallen into archaism and insanity, and even cretinism (cause of men).

The SCIENCE of Man, the Universe, Nature and LIFE, this true science which has taken root in the East (it is enough to READ History, failing to see it ...) began to be corrupted from the Greeks, the finest interpreters of Indian and Egyptian discoveries. Then old Europe took over from alteration and warping in the Middle Ages; Especially asserted from the 12th and 16 / 17th centuries.
You must read it, see it, examine it, to believe it !

Especially onwards the 12th century, organized plagiarisms, genuinely premeditated, of "scholars", "priests", or those of simple European merchants, translating into Latin works explicitly written in the original language, diagrams or drawings duly listed, of Indian and Arabic scholars.

From end to end, they have recopied, traced, counterfeit, imitated, steal (and even badly translated especially the quantities of Arabic manuscripts), discoveries in arithmetic, geometry, anatomy, medicine, astronomy, geography, pharmacology, optics, dietetics, and even psychology, etc...

And these "Western scholars" became overnight, respected authors and professors renowned for their "new science", this time authorized by their respective churches.
Some have even entered the history of the great figures of the Western sciences ... Astronomers; anatomists; alchemists and “chymists”; pharmacologists or phytologists; physicists; mathematicians; etc ...

But it was no longer a question of contributing to the development of the Spirit of Man, of elucidating the enigmas of Nature and of the Universe in a philanthropic gesture, of sharing knowledge and innovations in an altruistic way.
These "merchants of chimeras" and "crooks" had only to place or officially inscribe a "discovery" (phoney), an unnecessary but sensational abstraction, or an industrial application, in order to quickly obtain a statutory glory or make a fortune (financial).

And of these marvelous "scientists" and "geniuses" who are the authors of the many essential and necessary discoveries for life, we see the result today !
How happy we are in this world !
In excellent health, equal for all !
In a world of humanity overflowing and visionary.
While Woman and Man have acquired since a thousand years of "progress" and "science" a degree of evolution unprecedented in the history of mankind !
We live in the best of all worlds !

(See the article below "Manual of survival in this transitional world")

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For those who want to come out of the primary instincts, today, they must practice prayer every day.
But what do we mean by prayer? What is prayer?
How to pray in our time?

I quote G. OHSAWA: "True prayer is not mechanical prayer, begging, or sentimental prayer, which one recites, for example, in a church, intermittently. It must be permanent, that is practiced all day, all night, every day, without any interruption. ("Acupuncture and Far Eastern Medicine", VRIN, pp. 92 et seq., All the following quotations are from the same book).

This should not be an obsession but a conscious INTENTION to produce one's prayer. It is never a recitation even if the words or the "support" are repeated they are constantly taken in a mental concentration.

True prayer is a contemplative INTENTION of every moment that rests on the exercise of the body !


On prayer he continues: "It is a kind of meditation, contemplation, a deep and spontaneous sense of wonder for all that exists, the sense of modesty and gratitude."
Ah, modesty!

This is a form of human quality, or "trait of character" for the sophists, which hardly exists today. It is even a defect that must be discarded as quickly as possible in today's society.
When I was working in a training company, long ago, a director who had the keen senses told me, modesty is the brake of success! He was director of human relations.

As for gratitude, it is truly recognizable only in those who have passed, who have freed themselves from the primary or mecanic consciousness (Mechanical Instinct, see "The 7 Dimensions of Judgment"). There is no gratitude among the "primaries," for even to themselves they give themselves no gratitude, not knowing who they are or what they are made of!
There are excess yang.

Consciously identifying yourself or yourself as a person responsible for all your actions is one of the signs of true gratitude (YIN).
It is not just the service you have been rendered, the help a relative or "stranger" has given you. Giving a gift for a gift is "yang-gratitude".

Playing the "win-win": is a new form of hypocrisy, a deal between thieves in an agreement to plunder others, ie the weakest or the most uninformed (these multinational industries, these "oligarchies" caught red-handed in a fraudulent "win-win" deal to line up their selling price or down their takeover bid! These bad politicians which are each other held by the panties of their misdeeds, their accusations, their profits!).
Because even some thugs have this type of "yang-gratitude", which they call a "Return of elevator" between scoundrels or gangsters who participate in their upheaval or their machination.

No ; Gratitude is first and foremost a progressive awareness of his ego which naturally opens the door to gratitude without finality, without sentimental restriction (the one which says: "I give only to my family or my friends").

"What I do in my daily life, I take note of the consequences for which I should be responsible": that is an expression of gratitude ... That is to say of natural Justice, absolute.
For example, I eat and consume what is the optimum of my need for my organism, my Body, my Self, my Soul, my duty ... Nothing else.

It is above all to be RESPONSIBLE of the LIFE which urge us, which crosses us, which lives in us 24/24. Of this infinite energy that infiltrates us, which animates us ... To have a share of responsibility in this world, of this unhappy tramp, of the unknown miserable at the other end of the Earth like 2.5 billion (two and a half billion!) of people who die of hunger or disease because of the lack of food, of the cold, lack of water, aridity of land, industrialist wars, etc.

No ! We cannot take on ourselves all the misery of the world but we can easily help to contain it, to curb it, by our daily actions ... Let's never underestimate! It is the argument and the propaganda of the "Spoliators" to make us believe that a "Drop" is only one drop. Whereas a single drop is at the origin of a whole world for 4 billion years !
A few "humanoid" cell drops in the vast ocean of Origins produced the planet we live on !

You have to act in your daily life. Being consciously active in everyday life is to understand the dialectic of this world. We must progressively grasp this dialectic of life, the "Opposite" and the "Complementary" of each event or character. Then it enters naturally, gradually, into us, and becomes a second nature.
If you add the YIN-YANG Principle in this game of "Negative" and "Real" then you will be amazed by the "Offers" of our Universe without ever losing the true sense of realities within our societies !

Seeing the game of YANG energies and YIN energies in this world as well as in its daily life, in particular, offers a method of understanding life that annihilates, fear, anxieties, uncertainties, the forfeitures, the failures of orientation, and even diseases, ....

True gratitude begins with our food, our consumption!
What do you eat every day? How much do you eat each day? Is it vital to consume such a pill or pharmacological cachet? Why do you consume this or that object? Do not act mechanically, ask yourself the question about the true utility of your act.

Yes, we are indeed light years far from these new "leaders", chimerical or exalted. After yin comes yang ! After the flask (yin) comes the squamous (yang), (see article in this blog the prediction of sudden apparitions in our world: "Last historical spiral: ....").
In reality, they are the fore-runners of the end of this world obsolete and vitiated in its form.
They seem themselves surprised to have "win the game" and they do not know what to do with this new planetary game that has just been handed to them in full force.

Many protest their unbearable and inequitable supposed presidency ou election. Those who are most annoyed or upset are the people of the middle class and proletarian but not those oligarchs perfused by this old system which will undergo in this decade, the powerful attacks of the first scouts-deconstructors.

Many of lesser size or same scale, appear gradually in different countries as if they were programmed for this specific "work" in : America, France, England, Italy, Spain, Central Europe, Switzerland, South America, etc ....

The artificial duration of this polluted global system is overrated and can no longer withstand the great YIN force of the spiral of a new configuration which makes a commitment for several tens of thousands of years!

In this (yin) world, therefore individualistic and fearful, we must oppose the open and sharing YANG of time, energy and space, knowledge and goods : it is that of true gratitude.
Sharing naturally without counting, without inventorying, without census, affirms and develops the Gratitude.

First is becoming aware of the richness of our Universe and the privilege of being human embarked in a magnificent vessel for a wonderful journey, when little has been done to receive this inestimable merit.
Second, give without waiting for anything!
With these two, you reach the pinnacle of gratitude.

We have received so much free stuff, a lot effortlessly, that we are in debt to the eyes ... Starting with our Body for which we have not paid anything - which is why many of us do not deal with it, as if it was a banality, a worthless matter (It's so cheap!).
The free resources of our Earth are also considered worthless!

All wild animals are grateful to their fellow beings towards Nature and LIFE, easily observable by their behaviors or "their rules of life".
Even animals, whether domestic or farmed, are grateful to their masters, while the latter treat them as pet animals or as paste meat.

I have often asked myself the question of the mentality of these "Organic" breeders who are seen treating their cows, pigs, poultry, and other animals with, they say, respect and even they dare to use the word " Love for their "cattle of breeding".

But what do they do with their animals so much cherished? They exploit them shamelessly "The excessive and artificial milk trade" ruins their destiny, their situation. Milk truffled with medicines or antibiotics, pesticides for "non-organic", for what? Should we pay subsidies to those people who deliver a substance that is damaging to children's health?

And worse, whether organic or non-organic, they send their "cherished animals" to slaughter, death, and even massacre! And why? For a prohibitive, sordid, rabble consumption. And they are aware of it.

We come to this conclusion: either they are mentally deficient, the case of schizophrenia ("I commit repeated acts without knowing what I do"); or they are corrupt or misguided hypocrites who are accomplices of a gratuitous slaughter, for a consuming lust. So what are they? While I am really surprised to see the "almost" sincerity of their feelings for their farms devoted to certain death ... I cannot refrain from "seeing" the aftereffects of the pitiful destiny that awaits them.

The Universal Dialectic of the YIN-YANG Compass

Man can eat meat, he has the power to sacrifice an animal, but for the sole purpose of survival, to save lives of human beings in the process of disappearing, for a last vital need. In this condition alone, "The animal soul accepts this sacrifice" in the Order of Nature without falling into an overly esoteric interpretation or an anthropomorphic judgment.

The "Primitives" (ancient human) adopt a ritual before any animal sacrifice, necessary and indispensable. But in the ritual we are talking about, the motive is not superstition or naive belief in order to satisfy an arrogant and narcissistic god. A god invented by the fearful man who does not know or cannot yet understand that the phenomena or destinies that impact him are governed by the Universal Dialectic of energies YIN-YANG: An order of the Universe.

The 7 dimensions which govern in a Perfect Order
the fate of the phenomena of all the Universes

An order of the Universe which is a matrix of a complexity of phenomena infinitely changing but infallible in their sequences or incarnations.
This ritual of the Primitive is in reality both a clemency demanded of the animal Spirit and a conjuratory prayer for this act of sacrifice. This prayer is addressed to God, the Order of the Universe ... The priests themselves are bound to conditions of fasting and physical constraints before this ritual.
It is actually a prayer in a consuming act ... in its minor form, outsourced.

But the essential Prayer, of the Man who espouses the philosophy of the Unique Principle and who adopts this Dialectic of eternal Life (which does not end with the corpse), this prayer is that of each moment that melts, merges, with this incommensurable but efficient Energy that animates either the beats of its heart or  the movement of the stars ...
G. OHSAWA continues to mediate: "Praying, otherwise living the Order of the Universe, listening to the" Word that comes out of the mouth of God ", is to be amazed of the YIN-YANG Unique Law that governs all Universe, and respect it with the greatest joy.".

Everything in this Universe - living or inanimate beings - is under the aegis of an Infinite Order to which no one escapes at any moment, either billionaire, politician, scientist, sorcerer or beggar. There is an irremediable and omniscient Order which offers a more or less wide margin of action to each individual according to the degree of his JUDGMENT. Exceeding our own limit, the margin which is granted to each according to the " human condition ", that's what I call to put oneself "Offside" !!

Offside: you lose your precious life ... You leave this world to flow back to the starting point.
You are immediately dispatched to the starting point and start over again! With penalties. The referee is infallible.
But you had received many warnings before, counted and targeted for you ... A word to the wise.

In this incomprehension and ignorance - and even this arrogance - then appears a form of melancholy or desperate claim to injustice in the History of Men. Why this punitive justice - by God - would afflict some with repetition or severity, in a series of accidents, calamities, "fate," catastrophes, when they appear innocent or without faulty causes. While this same Order of Justice would not punish others who would deserve it amply by their acts or their offenses with recidivism.

Is God blind at this point or partial?
Would God benefit the scoundrels, the tyrants or the gangsters?
How to have this Happiness, this chance that avoids the acts predisposing to the misfortunes, the "Blows of fate", the bad luck?
Do you have the answer.

Unveiling one's instinct, one's intuition-conception of the World with which we exchange at every moment, our actions, our senses, our feelings, our thoughts, our projects, our dreams. To develop one's self-consciousness from a Millennial Method, experienced by many wise men or experts: the YIN-YANG COMPASS.
Because it's a personal job, no one can do it for you. And nothing will happen without effort or action on your own!

But in the act as in the idea, rest assured, you can be advised, inspired or even impelled by a "Friend", an inspirer, a companion.
How to develop this innate and yet veiled human faculty? Georges OHSAWA gives us the solution: "The perfectly revealed instinct is the Supreme Judgment. If you can contemplate YIN-YANG in all the phenomena, beings and things you encounter in your daily life, you listen and live the "Word of God".

This Prayer of the Unique Principle, every day, is an act which constitutes an authentic existence in this present world.

Fasting or Human Food

But prayer without fasting is bread without flour, produced by the complete grain.
Praying without practicing oneself in the existential reality is like hoping to regain health without getting involved or taking chemical drugs that promise "eternal life". The present "medocs"(medications) are only panaceas, "Father Soubirou's syrups".
This is the case for most obese or overweight people who want to lose weight with pills. Are they so naive? And they repeat this magical belief so many times.

Fasting is so important - vital - in today's life, that this act should have a greater caution or listening power than TV or our forecast !

But what is true fasting?

Fasting: it is to eat without bulimia, without devouring, without exceeding the limit of our true physiological needs. Fasting begins by recognizing the limits of our fundamental hunger!
Georges OHSAWA tells us this diet of true fasting: "Fasting is not the mechanical" not to eat ", categorical. It is the complete detachment of all that is not necessary to live ... The Law of the Universe is the Law of Creation. One must create as long as he is alive; And as long as one has something to create, he does not die. And to create it is necessary to eat ... Fasting means eating only what is necessary to create. "

Thus there would be two ways of understanding fasting.
For some it would really be to "nourish from nothing" because they are already overweight or toxic. Overloaded by their food and xenobiotic past (eating products foreign to the human condition).
For others, the quantities and quality of ingested food must be adjusted according to a dosage in quantity related to their metabolic and psychic capacity.

One can therefore fast by eating but according to a balance YIN-YANG in a Body / Food ratio (YANG / YIN).

And how do I know what is JUST necessary for me to eat?
It is a learning that is both pleasant and scalable, which consists in testing every day (over 24 hours) the quantities I have consumed.

You can take your marks from the following four criteria. They are simple and easy in practice. But others exist.

1. Before meals: Ask yourself the question: Are you really hungry or can you still wait before eating?
2. Monitoring the function of SDA in its mastication, it is the Specific Dynamic Activity; the flow of energy drawn by the amount of food for it's assimilation ...
3. After-meal: am I too full? Too full? So a feeling of being YIN - dilated, softened, weakened, lascivious.
4. Check the condition of your stools: soft; liquids; too light; broken up; ... So you have eaten too much and of poor quality.

No need to "measure" one's condition with grams, calories. Or to make the relationship between the caloric rate and the ingested proteins.
Not to be dependent on the outside world: norms, dogmas, chemists or physicists who have learned nothing of life in their schools and think Man as a machine.
Let's be dependent on ourselves ie of our organism, our body, our self!
Let's be attentive to the FACTS of life, that is to say our operative and everyday biology!

And what has been defined concerning the ideal diet of the Woman and the Man?
No, it is neither the diet of modern chemists since Lavoisier; nor the thermodynamic nutrition of physicists who make Nature a closed and mechanical system; nor the "sellers of sands" or other good adventurers on diets, "calorie", "pH-metric", "fruitarian", "protein", "fiber", "dissociated", "Mayo", "Dots", and even a so-called "paleobiotic" diet a new merchant combine (eating like wolves), all these dietary modes are forms of primary and pathological hygienisms.

Food must first be explored, considered and practiced, as a development of Being - Woman and Man - for the billions of years of the phylogenesis, which constituted a fundamental development and balance in our physical nature as in our mental function until today.

Body's mind : Billions of years, what an EXPERIENCE !
We are not an organic machine that must be maintained or cleaned every day by combines or "hacks" dispensed by merchants eager for dollars or by "nutriciens" in lack of glory.
These diets do not work because these are dietary programs out of the natural functioning of Man and out of the ENERGETIC Principle of balance between biological life and spiritual life!

Man by merging the Infinite Nature in him
Contains in himself the Earth (YANG) and the Cosmos (YIN) : Dragon.

The Seven stages of the nutritional Evolution of the alive world

G. OHSAWA proposes us seven dimensions of alimentary forms in all the living beings of which Man according to his degree of evolution in our Universe.

"7. Spiritual Energy, LIFE - The True Man.
6. Cereals - man.
5. Fruits - the monkey.
4. Meat - the wolf.
3. Vegetables - the cow.
2. Plankton – the fish.
1. Sea water - the cell.

It is a true scale of progression for women and man in their humanity.
We begin our life in the living, organic world, as a protist, a "monocellular being" that feeds on sea water (it is its composition already complex 3.5 billion years ago in large Depths of the oceans).
Some transmutations of biochemical molecules are the food material of these microorganisms in the oceans. They are our first matrix that has shaped us since our long cosmic or interstellar journey.

This progressive scale in seven eras or dimensions of the true diet of Free Men is also a discovery made by the YIN-YANG Compass (We will return to this in the cycle of the YouTube conferences which is in progress).

I repeat, nothing is separate, separable, irremediable, and each imprint of Word and Life is here present forever ... It is enough to reconstitute the cryptograph to open the "Sesame" of this Infinite memory.

Traveling in the Consciousness of the Unique Principle, which animates and represents all the Knowledge or Memory of this immense infinite Work, is the simple rediscovery of a faculty which we have left in oblivion.

This exceptional Master pointed, shaped and traced, precisely the vital points of a Way to that natural faculty which we all have, this "spiritual crypt".

The YIN-YANG Compass and the pragmatism of its basic method, the Macrobiotic, is a admirably effective "system".
Experiment by yourself ; Inform yourself, take counsel, educate yourself ; You will be inspired and above all you will naturally persevere.

A crystal tunnel has been reconstructed and is today still in its efficiency for those who wish to access this Paradoxal and Living World of the POLARISABLE UNIQUE PRINCIPLE represented by the "Al Addine Flying Carpet", the " Lamp of the genius of dreams ", the" Magic Glasses ", the" Unicorn of gold ", the" Eternal Tales of the thousand and one nights ", ...

These real worlds have turned into "Imaginary Episodes" in our Dynamic Unconscious, distorted and rendered "incredulous" by our senses and our affects shaped, deceived, abused, by a normative civilization, imperious and superficial.

The "Magic Glasses" and "Alice in the Land of Sorcerers" is not a hallucination, it is an act of balance in the recovery of the MEMORY, it is the REAL world!

Ad vitam æternam.Dr DEYNE, this
October 18th, 2016 and January 1st, 2017.

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