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New repeating forms of insulin for diabetics repetition

A laboratory has just put on the "market" a new artificial insulin molecule for diabetic patients. Indeed it is the modification of an old form of insulin at a more concentrated dose. The ancient form seems to have less effect for diabetics.

Diabetes is a yin disease. The pancreas has become passive (yin) and does not produce enough of this insulin (YANG).
Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas (YANG) thereby controlling ("balancing the dose") sugar (yin) in the body.

Whatever the shape of the manufactured sugar, complete or bleached,
it is toxic to the human body when it is taken in surcharge or added. Sugar is an extreme yin.

The cause of diabetes is not an insulin deficiency that is only an effect (yang), just an organic result of the real CAUSE that no medical protocol has discovered up to now.
But this EFFECT is very well sold (yang) to tens of billions of dollars under several forms.

The real reason is that diabetics, and infra-diabetics, ie those not officially diagnosed but still decrypted by our macrobiotic science, these diabetics do not consume more sugars (yin) but more concentrated doses of sugars compared to their old habits.
Other negative factors (yin) are adding to the weakening of the metabolism of the body.
In 50 years the sugar consumption has increased fourfold in the world!

Thus, it is the concentration, and not the quantity that accelerates the disease. This concentration is due to  sugar cocktails that exist on the market. These "sugars" - including sucrose (from cane and beet) as well as artificial sugars from the chemical and biotechnology laboratories - which are found throughout in manufactured food and often hidden in industrial preparations.
Sugar multiplied by industrial projects has become a POISON.

Glucose (a generic term for the organic one, "sugars incorporated") is necessary for metabolism like other organic molecules but it was made central by the sensory pleasure YIN and therefore industrial profit.
It is easy to understand and there is no other supposedly biochemist (or bio-molecular) explanation that attempts to mask or complicate "cleverly" this central reality.

Sugars provide a sensory pleasure YIN of breast world (gestation periods and other ...) and psychedelic (self paradise fantasy).
We are in the sensory world, which base or vitality base, is generated by SENSES.
The sensory dimension should not be considered only as a physiological mechanism. Senses are a sensitive part of the world of human psychological life.
There is a relationship both neurophysiological and mystical between Human gender and sugars!
But this sugar was derived or perverted from its right place to highlight this relationship, with dramatic consequences.

The animals, which have keen senses to feed and defend themselves, often demonstrate to arrogant "men" how they have (animals) an accurate psychology of LIFE and DEATH.
Animals perceive fraternity. Animals communicate by sound and gesture (behaviors) with elaborated codes for some.
No two animals, from cats, mice, birds, elephants, dolphins, squid, wolves, bears, dogs, rabbits, cats, even snakes, spiders, earthworms and mollusks, have exactly the same character and thus the same behavior. I am talking about psychological differences within the same species or type.

In the sensory dimension, less elaborated than that of humans, their meanings are expressed differently; and thus their "psychological action" to each is unique.
Psychology in its universal meaning - Living Form or Soul's Life - is not the preserve of humans.
Animals talk one with each others through their senses and understand very well, even towards different species.
The animals DREAM !
And many animals like sugar ...
Senses are the roots of human and animal mental life !
(The plant is another matter ...).

But for human, sugar hit him on a path towards a "labyrinth world" which has no concern with the Human Project.
Sugar distorts Woman and Man development.

But in the world of scientist marketing, it is judged and classified as a substance both indispensable and CENTRAL for the human body ! Which is wrong.

Glucose is not required in an additional consumption.
It is also only secondary to the proper functioning of the body, even for the brain. Because our body and our brain have incomparable preferences (and unexpected for some neophytes) to ketone bodies.
These are “very former” Energetic products formed mostly by the liver, kidneys, ... from some " house-made fats ” remodeled or made by our "animal metabolism" to become these ketone bodies.

Our organs want more for their energetic potential is ideal.
Fasters know - by experience - this internal bioenergetic production.
Most diabetics manufacture them by force ...

Learning how to make and maintain the biosynthesis of these ketones bodies is a function that must be "forced", then naturally required for any Human Macrobiotic.

Sugar - glucose – has never been and is not the "procurator" of LIFE. The main activator or the "key driver" of human metabolism.

Artificial insulin that was described as a "wonder drug" was thus coined in 1920 when it was discovered in a test tube.
But natural insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, YANG body (a contrario of ancient Chinese medicine that qualifies it YIN) to allow the sugar - glucose - to enter the various body tissues and to regulate its rate throughout the circulating (and also "non-flowing") blood, as the main function of insulin.

The diabetic is not able to make enough or not at all. Without this hormone, he risks death by poisoning or metabolic disorder. Artificial insulin clears the symptom for a while but not the disease. The diabetic is condemned all his life to be in artificial insulin infusion ! And concentration of doses goes intensifying. The laboratory replaces the human body - the pancreas - at an exorbitant price !
The first cause is neither genetic nor organic, it is Systemic and is manifested in defective blood composition.

BLOOD is the universal therapeutic and vital body tissue.
Blood is the material physiological representative of the energetic self.
Blood is YANG by essence.
It is the cleaner, the feeder, the healer, the inventor of new forms of molecules (YANG) or of "metabiological entities" (YIN) to promote LIFE.
BLOOD, beyond its vital bio-physiology, is the one who transmutes any material (YANG), Food included, in spiritual substance (YIN), Consciousness ...

The Macrobiotic Nutrition has as primary mission to vitalize our blood.
Its biological and metabiological action mode is to feed, but especially to catalyze (YANG) the elements of the blood so that it becomes therapeutic and spiritual in every moment and in every circumstance.

The positive results of the Macrobiotic method correctly practiced on diabetics are easy and remarkable !

Our macrobiotic nutrition - Science far ahead in the 21st century - educates a real and practical knowledge in the daily permissible dose of sweet products.

Sugars being very inflammatory factors (carcinogens) and acidifying in the body, but also mental degenerative factors, their consumption is discouraged or stamped with the greatest attention in the Macrobiotic method.
All added or supplemented sugars in a daily menu are discouraged or even prohibited in our Macrobiotic method.
Like honey, white sugar, cane sugar even "whole", the chemical or biotechnological synthesis of sugars  increase several hundred times the sweetness (this sweetness which nature of its effect should be explained  on Women and Man).

In contrast, the consumption of "intrinsic sugars" or "natural sugars" (sugar belonging to the natural composition of the food) is not excluded or banal, it is dosed according to the YIN and YANG in the daily intake.
Honey's Sugar, industrial sugar, natural beet sugar, anise sugar, apple sugar, a carrot sugar, brown rice sugar, are not considered or evaluated as being of the same family, the same biological function, as physiologists, chemists and industrialists do.
There is a degree in YIN proportional intensity in these different sweetened food for humans.
I have given them here in a decreasing order of YIN Principle. Honey is the most yin. And the most "destructive" and "regressor" for organism and human evolution than industrial sugar, contrarily to what vegetarian, "natural eaters", hygienists, naturopaths, and even stamped physicians believe or

For more savvy in the YIN-YANG game, we could say (for example!) that carrot or brown rice sugar are YANG in their report to cane sugar or honey. Everything is REPORT and CONTEXT !
Nothing is fixed, formal, everything is dynamic, circumstantial in the living world !

Rice as the best sweet and healthy food.
 Its composition in complex "sugars" and
harmonious structure to the human being.

A blood continuously sweetened at a rate - even a few hours repeated each day - condemns Man to deadly chronic diseases.
Polluted or healthy world, diseased or healthy body, the YANG blood transmutes ... It is the "benefactor" of all our cells.
The blood manufactures and influences at each breath our genome, the dynamic creation of our genes.
Our psychic life (YIN) is embedded, merged to the blood elements (YANG) much more intensely than our genes!
A perfect blood "makes" an immortal cell in nature.

Blood quality is the ways of fate, of true freedom.

Insulin is a YANG product, it captures the yin sugar and makes it pass YIN cell membranes of various tissues including neurons, hepatocytes (liver cells), myocytes (muscle cells) and especially the adipocytes (fat cells ) and myelocytes (pre-white blood cells). It is not its sole function.
If not, sugar stays in the diabetic's blood and causes considerable damages : hyperacidity throughout the body (yin), decay of tissue connections (eyes, heart, kidneys, liver, brain, ... yin), defection of kidney filters (yin), metabolic disorders (yin), impotence or infertility, etc ...
All these problems are yin.
Diabetes is a yin disease!

But hyperinsulinism (yang) also exists, sensitivity defect of "catching" cells, receptor to insulin. They have become too yin (by excess of alcohol-acids) or too yang (by animal residues in excess), causing a violent yang in diabetic people leading to coma (YIN) ...

Glucose - even all natural sweet forms - is hazardous if a subtile limit is exceeded. And it is often and easily exceeded in the food framework industries propose, associated with the psychological weakness of men and women consuming it in excess.

But also among the vegetariens or other organic eaters.

Reported to food, the diabetic therefore takes a greater concentration of sugar, combined with a cocktail of other yin products, with the effect of a greater concentration in his blood.

Why the sudden or gradual overuse?

In order to get "the anesthetic effect" (yin) he seeks to compensate a former psychic state (purely mental) which becomes then psychosomatic (involvement of the effect by the cell itself).
The cause of diabetes begins with the personal manufacture of a psychic analgesia that is to say a "mental compress".

The cause is the test of a passage or substantial sequence change in the woman or man mental life which is not realized or is refused by her or by him for different reasons ...

A psychic state that influences the biologicalThis passage is a change in the mental representation of the Self, the world, and daily habits or manners ....
The increase in sugar consumption is then accelerating, it is associated at the same time to an episodic metabolic fault (a transient physiological and biochemical weakness) in this period: It is the psychic state that influences the biological.A psychosomatic state which in turn affects the mental suffering.
Then settles a sugar swallow or swallow frantically behavior which is an attempt to erase the psychological failure or to substitute this mental blockage.

With time and energy, the excessive and forced sugar-rate in blood prints a sugar memory in body cells as would a drug do : It's a psychosomatic state which in turn affects the mental suffering.

Addiction is installed and the first frames of diabetic disease are inserted or rooted in the body functions.

But insulin artificial molecules very yang too abruptly erase (from the socket) this psychobiological YIN effect (calming, analgesic) that diabetic seeks for.
Unlike natural insulin which gradually aligns the glucose concentration in the body.
It does it in a systemic way, taking into account all "parts" of the living body.

It is not uncommon then to see that diabetics, treated with molecular drug, become depressed, hypochondriacal, or at worst schizophrenics. Of course the excess of sugar brings its part of mental disorders.

These patients are often tired (asthenia), with an extreme appetite (dissociated, anarchic meals, "empty"), physical and mental sexual disorders (yin perversion), a superficial sleep rarely deep, and a memory that goes out gradually. .. till a certain debility. There may be a split of personality.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health (American University, dept. of health) over 6 million people die each year simply because they have too much "sugar" in theitr blood.
50% more than tobacco !

What is not yet counted in these statistics, are obesity cases, of general inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases, some allergies, neurodegenerative diseases, anemia and leukemia, epilepsy, articular diseases, sexual disorders, cancers.

An estimated 400 million diabetics is worldwide expected by 2020, but in reality, it would be necessary to multiply that number by 5 by considering the "Subclinical cases" or the "Not yet detected" (because there are also idiopathic diabetes,  gestations diabetes, intermediaries diabetes, etc ...) that is to say 2 billion sick!
Multiply this figure by the price of the box, what masterful cunning and conspiracy to pocket a fortune "in the flesh" of Men ...

Insulin is though a truly magical molecule not for patients but for the portfolio of financial speculators. Moreover, I observe an incredible exponential rate and one-upmanship of the actions of "Biotech"; these are the companies listed on international markets whose purpose would be to manufacture and bring new miraculous molecules !

How to do?
If you are affected by this disease or a loved one, you can refer to the book "LE ZEN MACROBIOTIQUE", Vrin Edition (in the original french text) or in the english translation ed., in which all instructions are given.
Avoid plagiarism or books copied out from the original and wrongly conceived.
Even if you do not read French, command directly and you will understand fastly where is the real source of this amazing method.
To make this small effort to reach the source will be very profitable for you. YIN-YANG is an universal language of understanding.

edited in 1965, in the publishing VRIN.

It goes without saying that the primary intention is to remove all forms of added sugar or food containing them in quantity. But we must also replace sugar addiction by food and staggered, gradual behaviors, to overcome them definitively.

Without a free daily and adapted diet, there can be no return to HEALTH.

While never letting go of this book, "The ZEN", you can seek advice from trained therapists but they are rare nowadays ... (cf; see art. "But how to know if a therapist is trained, competent ?).


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