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Oriental Science and Western Expertise criss-crossing
and growing rich in the COMPASS YIN-YANG

Georges OHSAWA, is a philosopher, a doctor and a therapist (in
the true sense of these three terms).
Creator-founder of the MACROBIOTIC, La Macrobiotique, and of the new interpretation of the former philosophies and the oriental medicines of the continents of Asia, Africa and East translated into a new pragmatic and spiritual conception: FAR EAST PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE.

The Macrobiotics and The Philosophy and Science of Far East he propagated and  transmitted all over the world : Japan, France (Europe), India, Africa, the USA, Vietnam, Russia... And regularly.

He has taught, described, exposed, lit, explained, demonstrated them. Certainly in a condensed and non-conventional style, but everything is there !

The whole vision of the Life, of the Nature and the constitution-conception of the Infinite Universe, are registered in his books, his conferences, and several times (when he had time) with remarkable, exceptional precisions!

Indeed, he reached and offered a rare excellence in all the history of Humanity since hundreds of million years (Our human or "Homo" world dates not only 6 or 7 million years...).
From hundreds of libraries and millions of papers that we can reach nowadays by both levers of technology and Spiritual Science, thus the knowledge expressed by the learned People or philosophers from a very long time that we can reach...
No, nothing went so far in the revelation of the Truth, that is to say from the Absolute Reality, with such a precision and such a universality as PROF. GEORGES OHSAWA did !

Some people will say that this praise sounds excessive or zealot. But each one can know the "Truth" or subscribe to the Reality only on the verge of his capacities or at the level of his Judgment. In other words, the true experience erases gradually the naive faiths and makes rediscover the reality of what seemed at first a fiction or an exaggeration.

For exemple, when Marco polo turned back to Venice and began to say what he saw and lived in China with the Empreur KOUBILAI KAHN, nobody believed him; they treated him of storyteller and of immoral supporter. They loked him up in jail.

It's the same case for these few examples of bulk discoveries denigrated by the "Political elite" or religious dogmatism : the "round Earth" ; "the heliocentrism" ; the "Blood circulation" ; the "Flight of a heavier object than air" ; "the existence of the soul in woman" or "In the African Men" ; the "Rite developed by animals" ; the "Dream in animals"; ...

And all the oriental Discoveries as those: the Elliptic, the Algorithms, the arabic Figures, the Astronomical telescope, the circulating Blood, the metallic Alloys, the Astrolabe, the Compass, the Rotation of the Earth, the Trigonometry the combinatorial Analysis,  the equations with multiple variables, the chemistry, the Medicine, the Dietetics, the Pharmacopoeia, the Hospital, etc...
They all have for origin oriental researchers who were all denigrated or despoiled of their inventions.

But also more recently: the "Transmutations of the matter" ; the "Quantum physics" (dénigrated by Einstein) ; the "Pathological GMO" ; the "Memory of water" or the "Mnesic Traceability of any matter" ; the "Food as potential medicine for cures" ; the "Diet curing Cancer "; The "Fast as the therapeutics" ; etc....

Indeed, the G. OHSAWA's literate are condensed and sometime coded due to the lack of time, but also in some "Ethical Laws for a vital Transmission"... Which leads to the reader's incomprehension, or the "follower" when he reads, or he listens and tries to understand some passages or even a whole book.
He is put off and thinks that it is null and obsolet, or even disabled ! But it drives to a logical and natural learning...

In the logic of the Unique Principle, there is no treasure map with a route drawn as in a video game. But the Treasury really exists in several stages, split up along the "Program" (Cursus).
The treasur map is gradually shaping in the rediscovered Body and the Self revealed consciously to each one. Here is the secret.
To want to look for it somewhere else, as in the technique, or in the intellect, or in the exoterism, is both derisory and can become a madness...

But this day, nothing more has been completed, nothing clarified, nothing developed, in the authenticity of the Macrobiotic and the Philosophy of the Unique Principle transmitted by Prof. Georges OHSAWA.

Nothing, either by X. or K. or Y. nor by any claimed "leader" or "heir" of any "macrobiotism monopoly", or of P.U..
Otherwise we often observe, blunders, either inverted sentences, or acronyms, or onomatopoeias (like "small noise " imitator), or "imikimis".

The key of the  active understanding of Macrobiotic's requires from every "candidate" or « reseacher » to practice at first "by the experience of his sensory body" and "by the real life" for seizing the basis.
And only by this basis, we begin in the "Truth way".
Beginning not with the basis is liying to yourself and the others. It is to fool itself and the others.
That is to walk round and round as these poor dogs become "autistic" because of toxic giblets canned in pet foods they have been used to eat.

The BASIS beginning by cleaning and organizing our organic Body.
It is precise and physical. And easy to observe and to feel.
Then beyond the BASIS acquiring an experience to enter realy the field of our Philosophy YIN-YANG and the Unique Principle. And how use skillfully the COMPASS YIN-YANG (and even upskilling).
Here are tree key-books which deliver many of his discoveries and "secrets", among others:
. "Zen Macrobiotique", ("Le Zen Macrobiotique", Ed.VRIN) ;
. « The Philosophy of Far East Medicine »,
("La Philosophie de la Médecine d'Extrême-Orient", Ed.VRIN) ;
« The Atomic Age », ( "L'Ere Atomique", Ed. VRIN).
This last book is a little more intensified to understand.

The model of G. OHSAWA : The Dynamic
Constitution of the Order of the Universe

It is necessary to Work the "vital understanding" of the Unique Principle, the dialectical philosophy YIN-YANG in the biological operations of our Body-Spirit and the requests of the Judgment for each Follower or Friend of the Macrobiotic Life.
Eating and chewing some cereals and a package of vegetables or seaweeds is not enough, even by becoming a massage expert or a yin-yang scholar.

It is necessary to develop the metabiology of nutrition, that is to say the education of the « 7 health's conditions » (see farther)... Underestimating the food chemistry's operations in the body (organs and tissues) and overall increasing the way of metabiologic energy.
That means radiating nutrients' métabolites are transformed in an active and aware body.
Here is the SECRET that neither our vegetarian or vegan friends will possess as sincere they can be ; as well as the personal fulfillment technics hunters !

The deep mental life (YIN) has to enter the macrobiotic food (YANG) and mutually...
The psychicself (YIN) has to be transformed into a seed of the Earth, whereas the cereal (YANG) we eat has te be transmuted into a psychic function of the developing Judgment.
YIN becomes the YANG and YANG becomes the YIN.

I cannot end without adding here the usual catch-phrase of part of north American (only a part !), especially. And I note with enjoyment that another part of the United States is very faithful to Georges OHSAWA's Principles ; that is the real freedom of America !
This catch-phrase is also coming from current European sectarians.

What does this catch-phrase say ?
Georges OHSAWA would have been a man of past, an obsolete professor, with old-fashioned theories, tools exceeded without efficiencie, or a non-scientific conception, or an ambitious utopian, or a Japanese locked into his traditionalist or extreme percepts, … And who was a "not rather intelligent" or a "not enough cultivated" practitioner, and who did't learn at university or graduate schools.
And all this to end by saying that he would not have known how to adapt the Macrobiotic to modern world, to modern science, to contemporary interlocutors or to the policies, to the current earth's people !
Regarding the « Far East Philosophy » this expression would be backward-looking dating from the 19th century...

In reality, by an exceptional and masterful work in the history of science and the epistemological refutation, he made more accessible this possibility of rediscovering the former memorial manuscripts in philosophy and science of a thousand-year-old Cosmological Dialectical University which teaches the acquisition of the Infinite Freedom, the integration of the Nature of the Spirit (Purusha of the Vedas), the secret of the perpetual Health and the energetic transmutations of living organisms.

He proposed and demonstrated, here is about factual examples :
. The importance of the quantic, physical and biological transmutations, what others call the " cold Fusion " ;
. A new interpretation of biology, physiology and of hematology, and thus of medicine ;
. A realistic and pragmatic conception of the cosmogony for the astrophysics ;
. A new approach of the Logic ;
. A new theory on Cancer ;
. An innovative conception of socioeconomics ;
. …

An updating of the Conception and Experience of former philosophies and real sciences. Those who seem exempt today in our civilization, which are residual, falsified or absurd interpretations...
And as he says it himself, the former Dinosaur of the SCIENCE of NATURE and of LIFE was resuscitated in the 20th and 21st centuries by the Dialectical Principle YIN-YANG, The incorruptible UNIQUE PRINCIPLE from immemorial time... That he reintroduced in the East countries and in the West countries.

A Crystal tunnel was reconstituted that steel keeps today its efficiency for those who want to reach this Paradoxical and living WORLD, of the Unique Polarisable Principle, represented by, the Carpet of Al Addine, by the genius’s Lamp, the magic Glasses, the golden Unicorn...
This is the real world !

Georges OHSAWA is an authentic and extremely modern transmitter. Very avant-gardist!

And even today, few are those who completely seized, in his most profound modernity, the very basis of the Philosophy and Science of the Unique Principle he taught!
Or even though the foundation of macrobiotic Life.
Which is the basis to open the spirit to this imemmorial Philosophy, so much contemporary, incredibly current !

On the practical plan, he lavished "simple diets" under the shape of a food method, and whoever can, from the connoisseur to the simple-minded, apply by himself and within the hour (!), the just Food, the adequate remedy, recover his own health, and become his own doctor! That’s what is at the same time rare and vital nowadays.
But what is even rarer, is to have discovered a "Life Strategy" to increase for whoever - without exception ! - his Field of Consciousness.
He discovered a "mean", a "method", an EXCEPTIONAL WAY to improve our Real " human intelligence " and thus to reach this supreme faculty of the JUDGMENT.
To rediscover an immemorial dream of the Man, that of the absolute Happiness and of the Infinite Freedom...

Eternally logarithmic spiral
Tensio-activity YIN-YANG

About his supposedly "passeism" and "simplism", he already told us more than 50 years ago : "It is recognized that our scientific and technical civilization, otherwise all the humanity, is at the edge of a disaster ! The modern civilized Man is deeply wrapped into the smog of uncertainty, of political, sociological and physiological fear, the fear of atrocious crimes, incurable diseases of which the most dreaded is cancer.", in his book "Cancer and Far East philosophy", 1964.

And he added with an extremely insured prediction for his time : "The crew of this big liner (the scientific and technical civilization) mobilizes all the precision instruments to determine a good orientation. Regrettably, those instruments do not give the expected result. There is nothing to do ; all the crew runs out and despairs.
But, among the thousands of this liner’ passengers, there is a very old Oriental who knows the way to find a good orientation, according to a very distant star constellation. He voluntarily offers his services as former astronomer.
During many years he studied an antic several times thousand-year-old astronomical system. This system, according to the two French scholars Bios, father and son, could plan the eclipses of the sun 4000 years ago ! However, this old passenger can bring more than his astronomy, a safer road",
in "Cancer and Far East philosophy", 1964.


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