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Written on Fev 12, 2018
To our American and Anglo-saxon friends.
A nos amis américains et anglo-saxons.

"The one who is sick or unfortunate is a liar who has no will to live justice up to the end".

From Georges OHSAWA; “Le Zen Macrobiotique”, p. 44, ed.1972/1986, "The seventh health condition" (French publishing).

The Justice is everywhere and certainly in you.
You are your own upholder of the JUSTICE in your enjoyment as in difficulties or misfortune.

The Justice here does not dice !

We remind partially the famous pragmatic thought of Épictète : " Everyone is happy otherwise it's his fault ".

He who is sick or in a bad state and can't heal himself despite his knowledge of the Macrobiotic, is a liar.
And especially, if you claim to have an experience and teach the Macrobiotic Principle. "It" is then a double liar !

The Macrobiotic principle is neither a territorial competition nor a lobby.

Start by applying the principle of Justice in your diet.
Here is a brief example.

How does it work in fact ?

When you practice the N°7 diet or the other styles of macrobiotic menus (from the 6è to the 4è), inevitably some substantials transformations operating inside you.
You detoxify your organism.

But especially you progress in your self.
It is moreover a real TEST of your sincerity and the quality of your practice...
If nothing happens it is because you omitted an essential element or because you are not regular in your practice.

While progressing questions spontaneously appear.
They are true questions and they belong to you.
They are former questions.
They are hidden inside since a long time.
They were subconscious.

They were the cause of your physical and psychic symptoms. Of your difficulties, your lies, your fatigues,  your doubts, your inaccuracies.

By continuing, and staying aware to your conscious food driving" as you listen favorite radio program or as you read a novel, these symptoms are going to fade piece by piece.

By the same attention, which is not demanding, you will spontaneously have all the progressive answers.
So, your self develops slowly, he takes back his growth which he had left motionless at certain age, in a certain period, since your conception.

The answers continue to display gradually.
Your self begins to become adult.
Your JUDGMENT comes to light, the Life becomes fruitful, funny and thoughtful....

Your understanding of the Existence increases.... You "See" the personalities, the states of mind, the sensitive "pictograms", the "real self" of the others.

You becoming Human... So you become a human being Macrobiotic.
So you feel and accept responsibility for all your deeds and words, and perceive the consequences in others and in the World.
This is our Order of the Universe.

You enter the real world of absolute Justice....

Bravo !

Dr Deyne.

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